Running Groups


Urban Trails with RRC 9:00am Various Locations |45 Minutes of running on softer terrain- 3 speed groups

Trail Learning Crew 9:00am TrailsROC Various Trails | 3-5 miles


Fairport Brewing Group Run 6:15pm Fairport Brewing | 2, 3, or 5 miles

Monday Funday Workouts with Fleet Feet 6:00pm Fleet Feet Ridgeway | 2,3, or 4 mile run/walk


Barry’s Runners 6:00pm Barry’s Old School Irish | 2,3, or 4 miles

Running with Kelly 6:00pm Joshua Park | Speed Training

Trail Trots 6:00pm TrailsROC Rotating Trail (See Website) | 3-5 miles

Coached Training with RRC 6:00pm Rochester Running Co | Speed workouts, Fartleks, Tempos, Hills. $5 Drop in Fees

Tuesday Night Hill Workout with Fleet Feet 6:00pm Fleet Feet @ The Armory | Warmup and hill repeats


Wednesday Morning Crew 6:00am TrailsROC Crescent Trail | 3-4 miles

Wednesday Night Run 6:00pm Rochester Running Co | 3 miles

Wednesday Lemonade Fun Runs with Medved 6:00pm Medved | 6-7 mile or 4-5 miles

Rochester Road Runners 6:30pm Blossom Road Pub | 3-5 miles


Borough Runners 6:00pm Lost Borough Brewery | 1-4 miles

Coached Strength Training with RRC 6:45pm M/Body | Strength Training $12 Drop in Fee

Trail Run Series with Medved 6:00pm Rotating trail systems (See Website) | 6-7 miles or 4-5 miles


ROCovery Fitness Weekly Run/Walk and Social with Medved 6:00pm Coffee Connections Greenhouse | 5 miles or 5k

Happy Hour Run/Walk with Fleet Feet 6:00pm Fleet Feet Ridgeway | 2 or 3 mile run/walk

Friday Night Lights Trail Run 6:00pm TrailsROC Rotating Trails around Rochester | Varying mileage


Paced Long Runs with RRC 7:30am Rochester Running Co |Loops of 5 -7 miles. Pace Groups from 7:30 min/mile to 13:00 min/mile

Trail Learning Crew (TLC) 9:00am TrailsROC Rotating Trail (See Website) | 3-5 miles

Rochester Road Runners 9:00am (See Website for location) | 3-5 miles