Lets talk taping!

Kinesiotape. RockTape. KT Tape.

There are a million kinds out there. So what does it do? Is it just some weird fashion statement or is there a purpose?

RockTape (my favorite brand, as well as the brand we use in our office) is a type of kinesiology tape that was developed by a triathlete! If you were a participant at the Musselman Triathlon this past month, you may have seen RockTape on some of the athletes (we were taping at the expo!).


What does it do?

  • Decreases pain intensity by interfering with pain signals to the brain
  • Decreases swelling and inflammation by decompressing the region
  • Helps with muscle activation in under active muscles and vice versa
  • Allows you to maintain full range of motion of the taped area

When is it used? RockTape is typically something that I don’t use long term with patients. I typically will use RockTape initially in treatment when we are re-programming movement patterns or if you’ve got a big race/game/match coming up and need some additional pain relief.

Rockin’ some RockTape at Ironman Lake Placid

How long does it last for? I find that I can usually get RockTape to stay on for up to 5 days or so if I apply it at least 30 minutes before activity to clean, dry skin. You don’t have to remove it to shower, swim or even go on a date (you will definitely look more bad-a$$). If it does start to itch or bother your skin however, you should remove it (if you have a sensitivity to the adhesive, it could bother your skin).

Any questions or want to set up an appointment to try some, feel free to reach out to me! (585)-225-6430 🙂

Happy running!




Dr. Spitzer is a chiropractor and Active Release Certified Provider in Rochester, NY. You can find her at HealthSource Chiropractic, PLLC (1851 Stone Rd).

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