Wood Fired and Dine

If you’re ever south of rochester or are in the mood for a less than 45 minute drive, then you have to try Ember Woodfire Grill in Livonia, NY. 

Outdoor seating, indoor seating, a small private room, cozy bar seats, the option is yours. We were early for our reservations, plenty of empty tables but no chance of a table in sight so we got cozy at the bar. Drew made a delightful selection of wine which we’ve enjoyed since. From wine, to rotating beer tabs to cocktails, there’s something for everyone. 

If you’re familiar with Good Luck, the menu is similar, enough to share. We put in an order and the food comes out as it’s ready in no specific order. 


I’ll be honest, the Mac and cheese was missing something, besides from the obvious bacon that was supposed to be in it, some sharper cheese or something but we still enjoyed it. 

Crab and jambalaya arancini, wow. Yum. It was full of flavor, a hint of spice and three very sizable pieces. 

The wings were especially good with several options of flavor from mild to spicy to Guinness BBQ. We opted for raspberry jalapeño which packed some punch. 

Now cautionary for the next picture, the pizza showed up and we couldn’t wait! Cauliflour, broccoli, cheese and wow. We were eating it before I realized I needed a photo. Cooked perfectly, not burned. 

We didn’t finish everything because it was more than enough. And we had more than enough room to finish with “Candy Bar in a Jar.” It tasted like Twix and was gone in a few perfect bites. Priced very reasonably and worth going with a group to try a bit of everything. If you go, don’t skip the calamari salad, it’s the best thing on the menu. As always, feast and enjoy. And maybe swing by OSB for a pint of local cider. 

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