Midtown, downtown

I love venturing downtown and a warm summers night. This night was actually about 95 degrees, but nonetheless, it was a summer night. And we went to Branca Midtown. 

Upon entering, there’s a cute counter to get coffee to the left and straight ahead is the bar. We were sat into the main dining room beautifully decorated and with a floor to ceiling mirror. Hot nights call for my usual…bubbles. 

One of the many draws to coming here was their delightful list of appetizers. But almost always our favorite, octopus. With local beets, brussel sprout leaves, carrot purée and summer squash, it was cooked perfect. 

After that, we received what they called “crack bread,” and it was great! The fair amount of sea salt on top with an herb butter on the side made it a perfect starter. So good, I forgot a “before” picture. 

Entrees disappointed neither of us. Drew ordered wild caught salmon while I opted for braised short ribs over pasta. Both full of flavor and covering our plates. Opting for a side of bianco risotto was a smart choice. It was delicious with a steaming hot and large portion. 

We never leave with leftovers but with the hearty portions, we were eager for a to-go box to enjoy our dishes the next day again. Our server was knowledgeable and sweet. She never lingered too long and even sneaked in a photo for us. We’ve been to the original Branca and enjoyed our experience, although too long of a wait between meals, we enjoyed it. For an even better experience, try Branca Midtown, you won’t be disappointed and you won’t leave hungry. As always, enjoy. 

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