$1 and a dream (vacation)

I’m at my final destination, my watch says 6.65 miles, so my brain says .35 more miles to go. I’ll run anywhere for an extra $1!!

Well over a year ago, someone told me of a great idea for a run jar. It’s simple, $1 per mile into a jar to save. No touching it until I have something to do with it. For 2016, every mile I ran gained a dollar and my boyfriend even matched it! In march of 2017, we went to Saint Lucia with that money. 

In May of 2017, we put $200 on black with that money. 

And now, in September of 2017, that money is taking us to Orlando to meet our new little niece or nephew. 

Running has taking me so many miles on my feet. And now it’s taking me on vacations. Where will running take you?

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