A career in running?

Well, not exactly. But a career surrounding running? I’ll take that.

I grew up wanting to be a doctor. Something with athletes, but I wasn’t sure quite what. I shadowed numerous healthcare professionals but just wasn’t sure. I went to undergrad on the pre-med track, but it wasn’t until the end of my junior year that I realized what I wanted to do!

When I was a high school sophomore, I developed this awful hip pain that was only made worse by running. I had to spend the majority of my cross country season cross training, and spent most of my free time at the doctor’s office. No one could quite seem to figure out what was wrong, and an x-ray, bone scan and 10 weeks of physical therapy later, I was no better.


Despite an entire 9 months of limited training, I still had a pretty decent year of racing. I was invited and had signed up to attend the Eastern Regional Elite Distance Camp in April during my spring break that year. I attended camp despite not being able to run much, just because I had heard so many good things. I didn’t run a single step that week. But, I did have a pretty life changing experience. Not only was camp phenomenal, but I had my first experience with Active Release Techniques! A local chiropractor was coaching that year and my coach suggested that I have him take a look at my hip during the week. For those of you who haven’t had ART done before, it can be pretty uncomfortable if you have a lot going on.

He treated me twice that week, and when I got home, I could run for the first time in almost a year without pain. At first I was so hesitant to run. I expected it to hurt. Slowly I built up my running, and after a few more visits to his office, I was pain-free. It was a freaking miracle.

So I continued to be a patient for my numerous other running injuries throughout my high school and college career. I can honestly say that ART saved my running career. I still wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do after college until my mom made a suggestion – what about chiropractic? It has helped you so much.


And moms are always right. So here I am! Keeping runners in the game! And it doesn’t feel like work one bit. So hey, you never know where your running might take you in life.


Happy running!

– Jenn (@wattsmilesandwetsuitsroc)

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