Oh da bubbles…fiorella

Nestled perfectly on the edge of the public market with no more than 15 tables, it’s a gem from bar to table. Earning remarkable reviews on several fronts, I quickly found out why.

Our party of 4 easily took seats at the bar before our dinner. A few beer options, a decent selection of wines and some fun specialties. Two of us opted for strawberry bellinis made to our liking (sweet or dry) and the other two opted for a local brew from Three Heads Brewery.

After seeing several pizzas come out, we decided for one as an appetizer. A special including rapini, garlic, oregano, goat cheese, smoked mozzarella and asparagus, was exactly the right choice from the delicious toppings to the seasoned crust. This pizza didn’t stand a chance!

The main course continued to be even better. Fusilli pasta with mushrooms, peas, carrots and a marsala sauce, it was light and flavorful. Downside, I asked for shrimp to be added but they “couldn’t” so I opted for a meatball on the side.

Wine was served in small carafes that poured out into small non wine glasses.

Beautiful plates of a wide assortment. Service was excellent and attentive. The ceiling had a few sound absorbers but it still tended to get a little loud at times. Overall, it’s a don’t-pass-up kinda place!

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