Thoughts During Today’s Run

A few scatterbrained thoughts during a morning run at Lucien Morin Park:

  • “Yes! The trailhead is totally empty!”
  • “Ugh, it’s almost as if the rain started at the same exact moment my Garmin connected…”
  • “What is that up ahead on the trail?”
  • “No way! How did that get here? I’m like 1/2 mile from the bay.”IMG_0382
  • “Everything is so green today!”
  • “Wow the microclimate inside this jacket is akin to the Amazon Rainforest!”
  • *looking for place to stash this jacket* “What about under that log? I can still kind of see it…what if I cover it with this patio chair? That’s inconspicuous, right?”
  • “Why does this trail end going straight into a pond?”
  • “Oh wait, here’s the path!”
  • “Wow six Great Blue Herons in one place! Didn’t know they flew in flocks.”
  • “It’s so nice to see budding plant growth in spring, like this Street Sign Rhododendron here. Is that an annual or a perennial?”


  • “Those ferns make it look like Jurassic Park up in here.”
  • “OMG starving! Should’ve packed a pop tart…”
  • “Finally a rap song on this playlist!”
  • “Wow that’s a steep hill. Let’s do it!”
  • “Is it still considered running if I’m using my hands as well?”
  • “I feel like I always take the steepest route possible. Maybe there’s a metaphor in that?”
  • “Seriously though…That fish???”IMG_0392
  • “Ah finally I can see the car again….Let’s do another lap!”


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