3 Mistakes You’ll Make Running in the Spring

Spring in Rochester appears to finally be here! (Famous last words by anyone new to this city) As the temperatures start getting warmer and the weather less sucky, runners everywhere are changing out their wardrobes. Wool socks, snow pants, and hand warmers all go away as brightly colored t-shirts and short shorts return.

But wait! Summer hasn’t arrived quite yet… Here’s a look at 3 of the mistakes you will make in the next few weeks:

  1. Dressing according to the weather forecast

We have all seen this at some point and thought: “The weather is going to be 61 degrees and partly cloudy for my long run this Sunday, perfect!! 🌤😎”  DO NOT TRUST IT. The closest English translation to “partly cloudy” according to Google is: “Hmm well it could be nice out….but also it could pour harder than the ‘rains down in Africa’”.

You may be thinking: “Well then, what on earth should I wear for a run if I have no idea what the weather will be like?” The best answer to this is that it doesn’t matter! You will inevitably make the wrong choice and return to your house/apartment/dwelling soaked, either from the pouring rain or the humidity inside your waterproof jacket on a sunny day.

  1.   Forget to take your allergy medicine

Thoughts you will have during an early morning run in the spring:

  • “5:00 AM is too early. Nobody should ever be awake at this time of day.”
  • “I wish this water bottle had coffee in it. Or maybe someone should invent a caffeine running I.V. …..maybe I’m onto something…what’s the 1-800 number for Camelbak?”
  • “Okay I’m starting to wake up now. You know, it’s even nice to get out so early in the day!”
  • “Springtime is so beautiful in Rochester! The birds are chirping, the squirrels are scurrying about, the lilacs look so beautiful in the golden light!”
  • *SNEEZE*
  • “Shit. I forgot to take my Zyrtec.”
  • “OMG can’t breathe! This is the end! The darkness is closing in! Tell my dog I love her!”

Take whatever precautions that you want: befriend your local pharmacist, set a reminder on your phone, even leave your nasal spray in one of your running shoes so that you always see it.  Even with all of those strategies you will forget it one day, and it will be the WORST day ever.

  1.  Only run on the roads

    Okay this one is a little more serious: get out into nature! If you are a trail runner, then you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t visited one of the many great parks/trail systems near Rochester, what are you waiting for?!? We are fortunate to have beautiful, easily accessible trails all around the city.  Here’s just a few of my favorite areas:

Lucien Morin Park: Awesome little park jam packed with hilly trails and wetlands right at the bottom of Irondequoit Bay.  You can easily fit in ~5 miles here without repeating any trails and afterwards stop by MacGregor’s for a Genny Cream which is conveniently Picture of a gazebo in Lucien Morin Parkplaced right next to where you parked.

Mendon Ponds Park: If you are looking for a longer run but want to stay close, this is the place to go. It’s only 20 mins from downtown and has a ton of variety formed from receding glaciers ~11,000 years ago.  Rolling hills, steep rooty trails, and flat wetlands are found all over the park. There are also a ton of fun races here in the next few months inclImage result for mendon ponds park devil's bathtubuding: Medved Madness 15 mi, Midsummer’s Night Half Marathon, and some of the Fleet Feet Dirt Cheap race series.

Letchworth State Park: Okay it’s a longer drive (~1 hour) but absolutely worth it for a day trip.  Even if you don’t go to run on the >66 miles of trails, still go! The Grand Canyon of the East doesn’t get that name for nothing, after all.  Pro tip: check out the whitewater rafting for a liImage result for letchworth state parkttle more excitement. When have you ever been disappointed that you went on an adventure?

So there you have it, just three of the mistakes that you will make this spring. Although, the only bigger mistake is not going running at all. So lace up, get muddy, and have fun.

Peace out and get out.


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